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Half way there to a baby

working momma1My wife has been amazing these past months continuing to workout at the box during her pregnancy. I can’t workout if my ankle is sore, but she’s in there carrying as she’s running on 95 degree days. The other day she put in extra work following a class and I couldn’t help but get a picture to show our child one day. I look forward to letting our child now that they have participated in more CrossFit classes than most of the general population before she’s even born. It has motivated me these past few weeks to step things up. Sometimes I will add additional weight to a WOD, an additional round, or even just doing the whole thing twice. I even hit my first ring muscle up (god knows when I will ever get that second one). She’s sporting a built in weighted vest that she wears for every workout. Why am I not? If she can workout for two, then I should be able to work out twice as hard. Right? I don’t think that math checks out but I’ll use it for motivation.

The day quickly approaches 

Less time on the clock and less time in my day has been a constant theme in the past few weeks. From working on a nursery, doctor appointments, and training it has been very taxing at times. To make everything work I’ve been going to different class times to fit the schedule. Sometimes I do the dreaded 5am and other days I go to the last class of the night. Right now everything fits and works even if it means me missing a few naps here and there. But I know when the baby is here my time will become her time. With that said I’ve been working on my little garage gym for days I know that I won’t be able to make it in. I’ve been getting small items over time from craigslist or yard sales. I’ve picked up kettlebells here and a barbell there. Even on road trips I check the local classified to get something to add to the arsenal. I’ve made my own parallettes and speed ladder with simple hardware store items.  Other items require installation such as my handy pull-up bar which has allowed me to add rings as well. There are also applications out there like WodBox Pro that can personalize a WOD with the equipment you have available. The most essential items I have in my home gym is a simple 4’ x 6’ rubber horse stall mat that I use to save my ankles the hard impact on my garage cement floor when I was learning how to double unders. Who knew that something a horse urinates on would be something that I would love lying on when I’m exhausted? You don’t even need to get extravagant. You can simply utilize body weight and a deck of cards. If inmates can do it with very little, eat a poor diet, and still come out looking like flawless specimens, I can get by with a few tools.

There of course is the issue of noise that is created when you drop a heavy snatch attempt. There’s the loud music and the occasional profanity when you can hit a certain goal. You get the occasional stares from the neighbors when you are carrying water jugs for a farmer carry or they see you dying on your front yard after finishing a WOD. I’m expecting the housing association to send out a flyer that discourages deadlifting or passing out on driveways. Nothing will be the same as being in the box and having a coach in your face or the team camaraderie that we become accustom to, unless I get my elderly neighbors involved in CrossFit. It’s not a perfect situation but it’s enough to get my fix when my little girl shows up. When she does, I’ll be that annoyingly loud guy in your neighborhood who drop plates in his garage and wears sleeveless band shirts.