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Anna is an avid CrossFitter and blogger living in New York City. She is passionate about learning and sharing her experiences with CrossFit and it’s community to inspire others. Anna trains with Arturo Ruiz – of CrossFit South Brooklyn.

10 things that make a good CrossFit coach


1. Trust You have to be able to trust your coach. Trust that they wouldn’t make you do something they don’t think you could do. Trust that they will rescue you at the bottom of a failed squat. Trust there’s a method to their madness. 2. Non Judgmental A good coach doesn’t judge their clients. Everyone fails. As CrossFitters, probably ...

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Freedom in Focus


Feet set, hands even, hook grip, chest up, shoulders back & down, knees out, butt back, weight on the heels, core tight, legs tight,butt tight, wrists straight, tension on the bar, translation, rotation, explode, thigh brush, hip extension, jump, shrug, bar close, fast elbows, drop quick, break parallel, stand up, drive up, light weight. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to ...

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21 Confessions of CrossFitters


Yes, that’s confessions of CrossFitters. Plural. Don’t even pretend you can’t relate to this: I sometimes skip rest days because the WOD looks like too much fun to miss; I’m putting some serious thought into the outfit of my superhero alter ego; I’ve gotten up at 5am to do a 7 minute work out; When I drop things on the ...

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