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Alex is the Director of The Health Evolution. Physiotherapist, BSc (Physiotherapy), MAPA, Crossfit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer

CrossFit – what lies beneath?


The growth of CrossFit is undeniable. With 2500 boxes in 2011 and 4000 now in 2012, it is fast becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. An estimated 8000 boxes will litter the streets by 2014. CrossFit is forever changing, forever dynamic and adaptable, a world where individuals young and old can partake, learn, progress, monitor and ...

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Pylon Pain – The Dysfunctional Knee


Knees are the pylons of a bridge. There’s no point in building up the muscle of a bridge without putting time and effort into the correct positioning and function of a bridges pylons. CrossFitting is no different. Start with learning the functional basics. Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge, then air squat, back squat and front squat, until you’ve got ...

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