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Will Moorad: Rigged for Success

Ryan Will Matt and Friends

By Jennifer Charles Competition was steep at the 2014 Central East Regionals. Notable CrossFit athletes such as Rich Froning, Scott Panchik, and Graham Holmberg were among those fighting for a top-three finish that would secure a spot at the 2014 Games. Will Moorad knew who he was up against. But he believed in his training. He believed in his plan. ...

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Doing What We Hate

Photo Courtesy of Jay Kay www.dbthump.com

By Amy Lawson  Do you ever have those days where you just feel like this is what CrossFit is mostly about—doing what you hate? Unfortunately, it seems that the times we learn the most, the times we build the most character—and strength– is those times where we step up, look it in the eye and do that hated thing.  You ...

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An Open Letter to CrossFit Chesapeake… Every Day is a PR!

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Foerschler Photography

By Brian Lamb March 27, 2015 Dear Daniel, Maybe we don’t say it enough but, Thanks. Thanks for keeping CrossFit Chesapeake open and thanks for just being a cool guy. (Some lady told me to say that, she thinks you’re hot, Melissa?) I wanted to join this gym for years, struggling to do CrossFit in my backyard and at the ...

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CrossFit Games Atlantic Regional Preview – Big Red Express EP 53


Robbie sits down with a former guest of the podcast and CrossFit expert Ryan Sica as they breakdown the Atlantic Regional. This is the second week of the exclusive regional previews Robbie will be bringing you leading up to the final Regional Weekend. Robbie and Ryan break down the men’s and women’s division in what could be the toughest region ...

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Throwback Thursday – Issue 6


The July/August 2012 issue of WOD Talk features a sit-down with CrossFit Games athlete Julie Foucher, world record box jumper Ryan Moody gives incite into achieving new PR’s through explosive training, Katie Chasey walks us through the hook grip, as well as mental training strategies and the inspiring story of Corey Reed. CONTRIBUTORS Larry Doane, Ryan Moody, Brian Maucere, Dawn ...

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Why Do We Keep Doing CrossFit?


By Karina Estremadoyro Some might say that we are crazy; haters might say that we lack technique. We are masochist, but people don’t understand why we put ourselves trough it every day. I think most of us have different personal reasons but I found three universal arguments. CrossFitters don’t give up. We are no quitters. We push ourselves to the ...

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Alec Smith on the Big Red Express – EP 52


Robbie sits down once again with a good friend of the podcast and one of the top athletes in the Atlantic Region Alec Smith. They talk about Alec’s preparation for the Atlantic Regional competition in Atlanta, how it will be competing next to his brother, and what he would take on an island if he was stranded. All that and ...

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When the Competition Doesn’t Go So Well…

Photo courtesy of  Jay Kay www.dbthump.com

By Amy Lawson  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” It’s a famous quote by Dickens, or is it a description of your latest performance in competition? For me, it was the latter. And this is both the beauty and the agony of CrossFit—“constantly varied, functional movement” means that at times we will finish on ...

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Throwback Thursday – Issue 5


Over the next eight weeks leading up to and through the CrossFit Regionals, we will be releasing one previous digital issue of WOD Talk Magazine for FREE each week. Today we are releasing the first issue that WOD Talk ever printed after our successful Kickstarter program which raised $36,421 to take the previously only digital magazine to print. We released ...

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CrossFit Games South Regional Preview – Big Red Express EP 51


Robbie sits down and gives his take on the new regional format and previews the South Regional. He talks about the regions included and the top athletes to watch, including a couple dark horses he thinks you should keep an eye out for. This preview of course is brought to you by WOD Talk Magazine! Check it out and don’t ...

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