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Practice Simple Mind Training


By Karina Estremadoyro We work on our strength and skills every day, but do we work on our mind?  We know we need a strong mind if we want to become better athletes. Sometimes people let their mental wellness be just a beneficial outcome of working out and taking care of their body. What if we are not in a working ...

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Metcon Pets Debuts Kettlebell Dog Toy


The Metcon Kettlebell Dog Toy is an exclusive custom designed dog toy only available here. Our super-bouncy, black natural rubber is perfect for average chewing dogs. You can stuff your kettlebell toy with snacks or treat paste to keep your dog occupied for hours. Their satisfaction is guaranteed. The Metcon Kettlebell black natural rubber is puncture resistant, super bouncy, and ...

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Cool Products We Saw at the California Regional


After spending the day cruising the aisles of the Vendor Village at the CrossFit California Regional, here are some of the our staff's favorite finds. NOBULL Trainers “Lightweight, breathable and flexible protection that moves the way you do. Like a ninja.” www.NOBULLProject.com Facebook: justthehorns Twitter: @justthehorns About Time Protein Pancakes “Our protein pancake mixes are a blend of gluten free oats and buttermilk, loaded ...

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Shake, Shake. Pop. Pour. The First Single Estate Nitrogen Infused Cold Brew


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Lea Quale Tel: 505.507.1345 Email: lea@cavemancoffeeco.com ALBUQUERQUE, NM – May 11, 2015 –  Caveman Coffee Co. launches the first, single estate, nitrogen infused cold brew in a single serving can. Caveman’s cold brew is developed using single estate, small batch roasted beans that are brewed through a unique and proprietary filtration process. The cold brewing method allows for a ...

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Harbinger Helps Athletes Lift Longer and Heavier with the New Classic Oiled Leather Weightlifting Belts

  Traditional real leather belts offer strong support and stabilization throughout strength training workout FAIRFIELD, CALIF. (For Immediate Release)- Harbinger, the 25 year old strength training brand, is proud help weightlifters get more out of their strength workouts with the new Classic Oiled Leather Weightlifting Belts. Offered in 4” and 6” models, these Harbinger belts combine powerful back support with ...

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In a CrossFit Rut…Have Any Advice?

Photo by Jay Kay www.dbthump.com

By Robin Blackburn Dictionary.com defines a rut as: a fixed or established mode of procedure or course of life, usually dull or unpromising. I’m in a CrossFit rut. I can even provide you proof of said rut.  I’m sitting in a café right now writing this blog and drinking coffee when I should be at my box doing a WOD. ...

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Announcing 2015 BOLD MINDBODY Conference


BOLD MINDBODY Conference MINDBODY is once again holding its BOLD MINDBODY Conference for ambitious business owners worldwide. The conference, an exclusive event for MINDBODY software subscribers, is a 2-day intensive experience designed to provide the educational and social resources needed to bring goals and ambitions to life. The event will feature presentations by MINDBODY staff and industry experts on topics including ...

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How CrossFit Made my Relationship Stronger


By Allie Fisher There’s a saying that goes “couples who sweat together, stay together.”  In the past I used to think that was silly.  I was in a solid relationship with my (now) husband, and while we both liked to be active and go on runs together, we were never THAT couple that wanted to work out together.  And then ...

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