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The Hook Grip – Proper Olympic Lifting Grip Technique


Olympic weightlifters use a special grip that is relatively unknown and rarely taught to the average lifter. This special grip is known as the hook grip and is used on both Olympic lifts and practiced when training with different broken-down elements of these two lifts such as the “pull” portions.

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Start Adding Sandbags into Your Training


The sandbag is an often overlooked tool that can be used for developing a high level of strength and conditioning. The cumbersome nature of the sandbag and the fact that the load is constantly shifting makes it difficult to master but the results are worth the effort. It is a particularly effective training tool for martial artists, rugby players and ...

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Be Intentional With Your Training


Let’s face it. The clock is ticking. We aren’t getting any younger. For those of us who discovered functional training in our thirties, is all hope lost? Obviously, there is no reversing the clock, but is there anything the masters athletes can do to catch up to the younger athletes?

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Tips to Ensure You Are Ready to Compete


“I’m not sure I’m ready to compete” are words I hear often among people in the gym. Not being interested in competing is a valid reason not to. But wanting to compete and not feeling ready is not a reason to sit on the sidelines. Here are some practical tips to ensure you are ready for competition.

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3 Reasons You Should Invest in Water Testing


As a business owner, your to-do list never ends. You wear a lot of hats, you keep balls in the air, and your plate is always full. From managing your team to ensuring your patrons and guests are always having a positive experience, the quality of your establishment's water is probably the last thing on your mind.

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Games Athlete Spotlight: Darcia Ondrovcik


Darcia Ondrovcik is a member of Team Torian from Queensland, Australia. She and her teammates are currently in Carson, CA competing in the CrossFit Games Team competition. Darcia, 26 years old, Brisbane. I grew up in Dubbo, NSW. From a very young age, I was attracted to sports. I played a lot of school sports but was a lot more ...

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How to Kickstart Your Motivation


We all have days when we just don’t feel like training. Here are some practical things you can do to help kickstart your motivation. Kickstart Your Motivation Maybe you’ve just come off a competition. Maybe your work is extra stressful right now. Or maybe it’s just life. Whatever it is, we all go through times where our motivation seems to have ...

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16 Fitness Photographers to Follow on IG


Looking at fitness images is one of our favorite things to do here a Metcon and we thought it would be fun to share some of our staff's favorite photographers that we follow on Instagram. So here are 16 of our favorite fitness photographers on Instagram in no particular order:

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CrossFit Gyms: Pack Your Box With Triple the Amount of New Students


CrossFit is a super competitive sport, especially if you’re the owner of an affiliate box. With more than 12,300 CrossFit affiliates worldwide, including more than 7,300 in the U.S. alone, it can be a struggle to stand out and actually bring in new students. But there are simple ways to put yourself ahead of the pack and bring in a ...

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