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    Team Competition Heating Up in SoCal

    By Kristina Sernett Team vs. Individual. Both doing the same functional movements but two very different games. The work to rest ratio changes drastically...

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    Boston Strong: Why Burpees Matter

    By Liz Zelie For Kristen Sands’ first marathon in Philadelphia, November of 2012, she stuck to a typical training schedule: running 4-5 times a...

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    How the 2014 Open Helped Me Find My Passion for CrossFit Again

    By Melissa McWilliam I actually had not planned on competing at all this year.  Last year was my first time doing the Open and...

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    The Open is Over: Now What?

    By Hannah Hudson You thought this day would never come: The end of the 2014 CrossFit Open. Break out the frozen yogurt and ease...

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    Flex Your Willpower

    By Kyall Homberg Having only recently discovered this incredible force we call willpower I’m still fairly new to the whole concept but I thought I’d...

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    Are You Overtraining? How a De-load Week Can Propel You Through a Plateau

    By Will Huntington In CrossFit, intensity is king. Not that moderate, labored breathing kind of intensity. We’re talking muscle burning, lungs on fire, roll on the floor kind...

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    Mind/Set: What are mental blocks?

    By John Kim I define a mental block as any thought or feeling that prevents us from our desired behavior and potential. It doesn’t matter if...

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    Dealing with Injury

    By Eileen Schreiber Nobody wakes up, jumps out of bed, and admires their bad self in the mirror and shouts – today is a great day...

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CrossFit Success Stories


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    Julie Foucher Photo Gallery

    Last year we had the honor of featuring Julie Foucher on the cover of our 2012 CrossFit Games issue.  It has been great seeing...

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    Chris Spealler Photo Gallery

    To celebrate the announcement that Chris Spealler has registered for the 2013 CrossFit Open we have put together a photo gallery from our September issue shoot. Check out...

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